Rodolfo Almeida




Visual journalist at Nucleo and freelance dataviz designer
Master's student in design at EBA-UFRJ and researcher at LabVis

My work consists of finding ways to explain and visualize complex concepts and data through clear and understandable charts, diagrams, maps, and illustrations.

I hold a graduate degree in Journalism from PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) and work mainly with GIS cartography, Adobe Suite and R Stats — but I’m interested in finding the tools necessary for each task.

In the past, I've been responsible for dataviz and infographics at Nexo Jornal, produced video stories at Estadão and collaborated with dozens of outlets and institutions, such as The Intercept, Piauí, Brazilian Report, Greenpeace, and more.

Currently I work as a visual journalist at Nucleo, an independent outlet investigating Big Tech, and research the representations of the climate crisis in data visualization at my Master's at EBA/UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's School of Fine Arts) and with LabVis/UFRJ.

Here you'll find a selection of projects I've worked on with talented professionals along the way — full credits in links. I take on freelance and commissioned projects, so feel free to reach out!

    • Malofiej 26 — Bronze medal (graphics portfolio)
    • Malofiej 27 — Bronze medal (electoral coverage)
    • SND ÑH 2018 — Bronze medal
    • SND ÑH 2019 — Bronze medal
    • Cláudio Abramo Journalism Awards 2019 — Winner (dataviz category)
    • Course — "Infografia, dataviz e infodesign: conceitos e prática" at Platô Studio (2020,2021)
    • Course — "A Força dos Gráficos" at Escola N (2019)
    • Workshop — "Dataviz em tempos de pandemia" at ICFJ 2020 (International Center for Journalists)
    • Lecture — "Dataviz x Infovis: lendo com os olhos" at 2019
    • Lecture — "Melhore sua visualização de dados" at Domingo de Dados Abraji 2020
    • Provocation — "A single data point is already big data" at VIS4DH/IEEE VIS 2021

A country out of breath

An animated visualization and sonification that invites the reader to sync their breath with the pulses to understand how Brazil got to the sad milestone of 500 thousand deaths by Covid-19. My first use of Ableton in a dataviz context.

What’s left of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil

Small multiple maps of the atlantic forest coverage in brazilian states

Sadly, not much. This analysis visualizes SOS Mata Atlântica’s data through maps, charts and diagrams

Natura &Co's Commitment to Life

Animated gif showing different charts (bars, lines, area) in rapid succession

Layout and visualization system developed to present Natura &Co's progress in a variety of sustainability and ethical targets, presented in a four-page factsheet and included in the company's annual reports

The history of party politics in Brazil

Diagram of the fusions and creation of political parties in Brazil

Brazil currently has more than 30 registered political parties. This intricate chart attempts to organize their complex histories since 1945. This project won a bronze medal in 2018's ÑH prize

Covid-19 stories flooding the front page

Inspired by Josh Begley, I analyzed the front page of every Folha de Sao Paulo print edition between January and June 2020 and highlighted Covid related stories.

Paraíba do Sul river basin

Map of the Paraíba do Sul river basin, in southeast Brazil

Basemap of the Paraíba do Sul river basin and Juiz de Fora region produced for Marmelos Zero Museum, a historic site dedicated to Latin America's first hydroeletric power plant

Behind the Oil Spill crisis in Brazil

Large vertical streamgraph comprised of of oil spill spots on one side and government measeures on the other

Nucleo obtained documents in which brazilian environmental authorities report the situation of the 2019 oil spill crisis. This piece visualizes the data as a large streamgraph, comparing the scale of the problem and the government response

Protecting the unknown

Map of the legal Amazon highlighting recently discovered species

In this project for Greenpeace I visualized potential threats to wildlife in recently discovered species. For this piece I got to use Blender generated reliefs alongside QGIS geoprocessing

Jacobin Brasil #2

Animated GIF showing parts of the map of Sao Paulo and a large streamgraph on a blue background

I produced charts and maps for the print edition of Jacobin Magazine: one on the federal prison system and the other on inequality in Sao Paulo

Legal reserves in Brazil

Illustrated treemap chart showing the amount of legal reserve farmers should preserve

Piauí magazine comissioned an analysis of the status of legal reserves in rural properties in Brazil. I got to show the results with a combination of maps and illustrated charts.

Population density maps

Maps of the population density in Sao Paulo, Rio and Fortaleza

Series of maps for a quiz asking the reader to guess the city by its density map. Inspired by this Guardian material

Soaring hate crimes

Animated gif of a bar chart showing the number of hate crimes on differente social networks increasing dramatically

The Intercept comissioned a study on hate crimes online. I produced a series of animated charts showing these soaring numbers

Nucleo Journalism illustrations

GIF flashing images of illustrations and identity assets developed for Nucleo Journalism

I've illustrated dozens of stories for different vehicles I've collaborated with. For Nucleo Journalism, especially, I developed the visual identity of the publication and its articles, combining collage with vector illustration and noisy textures

The rhythm of brazilian literature

Visual comparison of the rhythm in the prose of Paulo Coelho, Machado de Assis, Clarice Lispector and Raduan Nassar

An analysis of cadence and rhythm in the prose of selected authors. This visualization was covered on Storybench

How Bolsonaro voted in 20 years as a lawmaker

The voting patterns of Bolsonaro during his years in the brazilian parliament

An analysis of the voting patterns of president Jair Bolsonaro during his 20 years in the brazilian lower house. This project won a bronze medal in the 2019's ÑH prize and was nominated for 2020 SIGMA Awards.

Tintin's travels

World map in mercator projection with the faces of Tintin and Snowy

Tintin's travels are controversial. This infographic shows where the young reporter has been to in each book — and who accompanied him

Exhibition: endangered indigenous languages

Pictures of maps on the walls of Marta Traba Gallery, where the exhibition took place

These maps use data from Unesco and Funai showing the state of indigenous languages in the country. Shown at "Línguas Ameríndias – Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã", an exhibition at Memorial da América Latina, part of Unesco's IYIL 2019

Voting patterns on Supreme Court justices

Proximity based charts visualizing how brazilian justices vote

Network and heatmap visualizations for a special feature on the voting patterns of brazilian Supreme Court justices

Nos Eixos

Scrolling view of the third edition of Nos Eixos

Monthly newsletter I used to write along with Nexo’s team covering interesting data stories from each month

Climbing the highest peaks on Earth

Visual comparison with Google Earth imagens on the sizes of the 14 peaks

Fun visualization on the success rate of climbers of the 14 tallest peaks on Earth

Traço, Território

Animated GIF showing the outline of Brazil's shape being formed from historical maps

How does a country get shaped? In this project for Desestrutura, I overlayed historical maps to produce an animation of Brazil's outline being formed. This project was featured in Datavizbr

Video stories at Estadão

Mosaic of frames from various video stories I shot, edited and animated

A playlist with selected stories I produced, shot, edited and animated on a variety of topics at Estadão. Individual credits in each video

130 years after the end of slavery

Charts, layout and art direction for a special feature covering the living conditions of the black population 130 years after the end of slavery in Brazil

Stories from Cerrado

Title lettering reading 'Historias do Cerrado'

The Cerrado biome is under threat. This feature for Rede Cerrado and WWF tells the stories of its inhabitants through maps, illustrations and diagrams

Cities GDP

Scatter plot and small multiple maps showing the main economics sector in municipal economies

Charts and analysis on the main economic sectors in brazilian municipalities

The job crisis in Brazil

Opening animation for the feature

Charts, animations and art direction for a special feature on the history of the labor crisis in Brazil

All the ways to board a plane

Small multiple animations of the main issues passengers face when boarding a plane

A 1 minute reduction on boarding time on planes can save airlines $30 to $250 dollars. This animated story details research on the most efficient boarding methods

Public and private lands on Brazil

Brazil map showing only public lands

Who owns the land? These maps visualize how much of the country’s territory belongs to private entities, the government, settlings, indigenous areas and more. Inspired by NYT’s analysis of the Trump-Clinton divide

Network of characters in the MCU

Scrolling view of the diagram showing when Marvel characters are present in the same film

Visualization displaying the films in which selected characters appear in the MCU. Fun — but nightmare inducing to draw

Volcanic eruptions in the quaternary

World map with isometric illustrations of different types of volcanos

An animated look at Smithsonian’s Volcanism Program data on eruptions through the times — complete with maps and illustrated explainers on volcano types

How electoral surveys work

Frames from the video showing charts and illustrations

Script, research, voiceover and illustrations for a video explaining how political surveying works in the wake of Brazil’s dramatic (and traumatic) 2018 national election

Olympics in Ancient Greece

Digital collage of etchings and greek illustrations from public domain publications, via Internet Archive

Let the games begin! Visualizations, GIFs and art direction for a feature on the significance of olympic games in Ancient Greece

How much do judges earn

Scrolling view of the main chart in the feature, showing how judges' wages are built

How can brazilian judges earn more than their wage ceiling? This analysis details how their earnings are constructed and visualizes the judiciary’s data on the issue

Where critics and audience disagree

Violin plots showing the distribution of ratings from critics and audience in TV shows, music, film and videogames

A comparison of professional and user Metacritic scores in different genres and mediums

Data on slaves: 1872 census in Brazil

Digital collage using illustrations of slaves from Johann Mortiz Rugendas

The 1872 brazilian census was unique for a number of reasons. Most notably for being the only piece of national data to include slaves. This features analyzes those numbers and what their gathering reveals about slave owners in the country

Comparing courts and fields

Overlayed courts of the courts used by different sports

Visual comparison of the sizes of courts and fields of different sports on a single scale. Very fun to draw

How the constitution has changed over the years

Small multiple charts showing the occurrences of words such as democracy, rights and budget in the constitutional text

2018 marked the 30 year anniversary of Brazil’s 1988 constitution. This series of charts analyzes how the document has been altered since

The data and facts on pension reform

The debate around pension reform in Brazil seems overwhelming. This video attempts to get the facts straight through official data and animated charts

How electricity is generated around the world

Small multiple charts showing the composition of the power grid in 6 different countries

Charts, maps and reporting on the power grid of different countries

Resquícios Cromáticos

Closeup of the cover, showing the album title

Digital illustration and design for brazilian indie rock band O Nó's debut album. This work was among Minuto Indie's “best covers of 2020”